BOP & Handling Equipment

Pinnacle Industrial Services has extensive experience and capabilities in the repair and servicing of blowout preventers (BOPs).


  • Receive blowout preventer into Regina facility
  • Perform a preliminary inspection to check for possible damages as result of BOP transit
  • Systematically inspect and photograph the unit(s) as part of documentation requirements
  • Create and issue internal work orders

Tear Down

  • Dismantle BOP while noting any problem areas
  • Perform a tear down and segregate any obviously defective parts
  • Document all work in accordance with industry standard operating procedures


  • Conduct a visual and dimensional inspection of all parts in accordance with industry inspection procedures
  • Perform a non-destructive examination on critical areas
  • Perform non-destructive testing and evaluation of components subject to normal wear and/or stress


  • Create a formal estimate of repair cost and anticipated delivery
  • Secure customer approval of estimate
  • Discuss repair with engineering


Repair or replace parts deemed to exceed reusable limits, which may involve the following processes:

  • Skim cut/pre-machine
  • Material rebuild, including welding, metal spray
  • Buff & Polish
  • Hardness Test

Final Assembly

  • Perform final assembly of the repaired BOP
  • Notify customer; secure 3rd party test witness if requested


  • Ensure that all repaired equipment conforms to ERCB G-36 and CAODC RP6.0 and API 16A-based test criteria when requested
  • High Pressure and Low Pressure Tests are Chart Recorded to ensure compliance


  • Construct document package including certifications and pressure test charts
  • Notify customer
  • Deliver BOP per customer specifications

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